Will the “Woke” Wake up? The left is self destructive and unreasonable

Appropriately, I am writing this half asleep, drinking coffee out of my Patriot or Pretender  Coffee Mug, trying to find some energy, and I keep asking myself..........

When are the “woke” going to wake up?

At its root, I can get on board with a lot of the “woke” stuff. I want to see people be allowed to love their lives for themselves and I want to see everyone treated in accordance with their character.

The problem is our crazy culture blows way past these decent and noble requests and asks us to buy into the absurd. That’s where they lose people that would be inclined to support them and make villains out of the people they are allegedly advocating for.

Look at the transgender issue. I know I speak for a lot of folks when I say if an adult wants to identify with the gender opposite the one they are assigned at birth, go right ahead. You have to right to pursue your happiness.

But when you tell me I have to let biological men compete in women’s MMA and every Drag Queen use the ladies room, now we are entering the realm of absurdity.

The issues with police brutality are another issue that people like to talk crazy about.

My background is security, what happened to George Floyd last summer was inexcusable. There was nothing ordinary about the cops behavior.

Wanting to see that officer held accountable is fine. Wanting to look into ways to make sure all citizens are policed in an equitable manner is fantastic. But the “woke” crowd does not want to let you stop there.

According to our deranged society, if you don’t green light looters and rioters ravaging cities and advocate to “defund the police” you are some type of heartless, turbo racist.

How does that make any sense? How does wanting to see people and businesses protected make me anything other than concerned?

The byproduct of the “woke” left and their absurdity is the people they advocate for become villains.

Most conservatives want to let transgender people live their lives, but when the left wants it to be ok for guys to beat up girls, we have to push back.

We want to be sympathetic to the real victims of police brutality, but when you try to make us disavow all the police, including the millions of honorable officers around the country, we have to push back.

Liberal News outlets are hemorrhaging consumers. They are driving a wedge in between citizens and the damage is approaching unrepairable.

When will the “woke” wake up and realize they are helping absolutely nobody?


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