What Happened to Real Men?

I just finished a work out wearing my Patriot or Pretender dry fit shirt and I started thinking, what the hell has happened to men in the past couple years?

This isn’t about lifting weights either. I lift weights because I like to lift them, but there are a lot of real men that never want to see the inside of a gym.

This is about being assertive, taking control of a situation when necessary, and calling Bull shit out when you see it.

I got into an argument with a coworker last month about transgender athletes in women sports. What is there to there to argue about? There is a sane point of view and an insane point of view.

This was not a terrible guy I was arguing with either. He was just a poor cuck that had watched one too many hours of CNN and had somehow been bullied into believing this crazy shit was the truth.

That’s the problem.

I love women, but men are naturally more outspoken and combative. If the liberal news or Democratic Party is trying to push a crazy fucking agenda or narrative, it is up to men, collectively, to shout it down and call bull shit.

Unfortunately, men are less and less willing to do this.

That’s what got us into this mess with transgender athletes. This is what got us into a mess with the race riots in the summer of 2020. Too many men were not willing to tell it like it was.

It’s pretty simple. Cops using excessive force is bad. Who doesn’t agree with that?  However, if you feel like that happened, how is rioting, looting and hurting innocent people a justified response?

It’s not!

Then why are so many men afraid to say it?

When my buddy and I started Patriot or Pretender, we had two goals.

  1. Make Patriotic clothing that we think is cool.


       2. Convince people it is ok to be a proud American


Part of goal Number 2 is convincing men it is time to speak up and lead the charge against the craziness that’s going on in our country.

I believe things are not given, but earned. So why are we giving our country away to a bunch of lunatic with crazy ideas?

Are you an Alpha or Beta?

Are you a Patriot or Pretender?

Without you, America dies.

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