We Need To Fight The Left's Liberal Agenda, The Conservative Way of Life Is Under Attack.

 Last week I told the story how I was denied my right to buy ammunition from a manager at Walmart. According to him, it was alarming when "guys like me" tried to stock up on ammunition.

It was the first time I truly understood how bad things had become in America. The conservative way of life is under attack. 

The only solace that I have is the understanding that I am not the only one who feels this way. I know there are many others because my family and friends have been trying to smarten me up for years.

The reason conservatives have yielded so much over the years is because we want to be non confrontational. We want to be left alone, we want to be law abiding citizens and we want to leave other people alone to do whatever makes them happy.

Unfortunately, the left doesn’t want to play by those rules. They want to push. They want to insist there way is the only way.

Do you know what happens when one side pushes and the other doesn’t push back... That side gets walked on.

I’m done being walked on and I know so many of you are too. I am fighting back the best way I know how and that is creatively.

We have a team at DC Swamp Life that has stopped giving a shit who we offend. We are selling products with original art that blows holes through the people and ideologies the left keeps pushing on us.

The current democratic President of the United States is a dementia riddled, hair sniffing Jack Ass. The Speaker of the House is the Botox injected Spawn of Satan.

If you are offended because I am wearing a tees shirt pointing out how absurd that is, allow me to point out to you how absurd it is that the "lunatic left" keeps nominating and electing these people.

We need to drain the swamp.

People that are hard working, honest and law abiding should never have to feel ostracized. We should never have to curb our sensibilities to accommodate someone else’s lunacy.

People like us need to Fight Back however we can.

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