The Stolen Election: What we must do from here.

I woke up this morning and threw  on my Donald Trump tank top from the Big Donnie 45 Collection and I immediately became anxious.

This morning is not one I’ve been looking forward to because it’s time to write about the stolen election of 2020.

What happened? By this time we all know. President Trump told us what was coming and it came. A record amount of mail in votes lead to a record amount of voter fraud.

There were suitcases in Georgia, vote dumps in Wisconsin and Michigan and votes in Pennsylvania that just kept coming and coming.

II am not going to submerge myself in the details or emotions of that election. We lost because we were screwed.

I stayed mad for well over a month, but one morning I woke up and had to ask myself “now what?”

I’m a solutions oriented person. I know that bitching has never fixed anything. Wallowing in disappointment has never gotten anyone, anywhere.

That morning I arrived at what would become the mission for DC Swamp Life.

If they say we lost by seven million votes, I will find seven million more. I made it my mission to find enough voters that they won’t be able to steal the election in 2024.

Donald Trump set our country on a road to glory that  we were on the brink of realizing. No more new wars. No more being indebted to China. No more political correct bull shit.

The 2020 election is among the greatest travesties in the history of our country, but letting it be the death of America’s pursuit of true independence  would be a tragedy even greater.

We need to start converting liberal voters.

The more passionate you are about politics the  harder this is to understand, but THERE ARE PERSUADABLE VOTERS!

That’s what the DC Swamp Life movement is about. That’s what Cody Wyatt is about. Finding persuadable voters and convincing them to vote conservative.

If you are reading this thinking, “the task is too tall”, then this movement is not for you. If you think all this sounds like too much work, then this is definitely not the movement for you.

I am going to recruit 7 million conservative voters before the 2024 Election, but I need you help.

Without you, America dies.


  • We need to have a team of people to separate and go to each voting place to watch the check in! Record and take to court all questionable voters, that were allowed to vote!!!!! Make the county prove under oath each one was legal!!!!

  • Stop the steal….do something about the Supreme Court…what do they think their job is if not to correct
    Voter Fraud so it never happens again…how Shameful!!

    Duaine Vanness

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