The Most Disgusting Democrat: Chris Murphy

I woke up this morning and threw on my Patriot or Pretender hoodie and for some reason I started thinking about the least patriotic senator in the United States Senate....... Connecticut’s Chris Murphy.

Uninspiring in every way imaginable, one of the biggest mysteries in the entire swamp is how Dip Shit Chris Murphy got elected in the first place. Typically, democrats elect candidates that are charismatic and full of shit. Dip Shit Chris, well he’s just full of........ you get the point.

Like many of his liberal constituents, Dip Shit Chris has displayed an inability to grasp exactly what “being an adult” is all about.

While serving in the Connecticut State Legislature in 2003, Murphy was taken to court and evicted for failing to pay rent. He alleges it was an over site. I get it. It’s easy to forget to pay the rent for 6 consecutive months.

Dip Shit had a similar laps of the mind ten years later. He was sued for not paying his mortgage. Rather than making up a ridiculous excuse, this time the swamp scum simply blamed his wife. It’s what any real man would do.

Even more disgusting and Swampy than Dip Shit’s belief that he is entitled to live for free, is his belief that no tragedy is too grave to exploit.

Besides being built like a twelve year old child  and screaming “orange man bad”, the only thing Chris Murphy is known for is talking about the massacre at Sandy Hook.

While every sane person in the country felt absolutely hopeless following the shooting at an elementary school, Chris Murphy stepped up on a soap box and started screaming, “hey guys, I can use this,”

One of the saddest days in the past 50 years of our country took place in Murphy’s state. Trust us, he won’t let you forget about it.

That was the start of Murphy’s assault on the second amendment and he has literally talked about nothing else in the last 8 years.

This sick Swamp creature is trying to swindle his way to the white house and since he has no  talent and even less charisma, Murphy has decided to do it standing on the caskets of children.

Of all the senators in the swamp, Dip Shit Chris Murphy might hold the distinction of being the most reprehensible.

If we you won’t speak out against people like him, you are complicit.

Are you a Patriot or Pretender?

Without you, America dies.


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