The Democratic Party's Racist History

I’m sitting here drinking coffee out of my DC Swamp Life mug and I am thinking, I have not properly defined the swamp. I haven’t explained what it is or how it became a saturated cesspool of slime that it is today.

The swamp is Washington DC. The "Swamp Life" are the politicians who turned a career of “public service” into a direct deposit into their pockets. Politicians that pander to their constituents every election cycle, but go into business for themselves the second the votes are tallied.

They get rich while we are lucky to get by.

To the surprise of no one, the Democratic Party is a breeding ground for these swamp creatures. It’s been this way for almost two centuries.

The original sin of the Democratic Party was perpetuating and prolonging the institution of slavery.

The Federalist and Whig parties went extinct fighting democrats over the issue. When Abraham Lincoln created the Republican Party as a means to end slavery , the democrats started the civil war.

620,000 Americans died.

The party of Lincoln prevailed, but as America began to move on from Slavery, the Democratic Party tried their damndest to pull us back.

For his re-election in 1864, Lincoln made Democrat Andrew Johnson his running mate. Lincoln was extending an olive branch to his political rivals, but when he was assassinated early in his second term, Lincoln’s good deed proved disastrous.

Andrew Johnson became President after Lincoln's death.  As far as I’m concerned, he was the original swamp creature.

He did not care what was best for the newly freed African Americans. He did not care about the cause millions of republicans had fought for.

President Johnson, a democrat and bumbling drunk, blocked legislation that would have helped  the recently freed slaves. Johnson's botched handling of post war reconstruction ensured they would be “free men” in name only.

Johnson is the forefather of the slimy democrats we see today. He’s just like them. Elections and wars are supposed to have consequences, but they don’t for liberals.

When Democrats lose, they change the rules.

This started with Johnson, but that's not close to where it ended, but that's a story for another day.

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Without you, America dies.


  • This is a very eye opening post! Very well written and makes so much sense.

  • Good read did not know about Abe vice President I think George bush sr was a modern day Johnson of course we cannot forget LBJ o now I see the pattern was Johnson from Texas

    Joseph Moore
  • To the point in your comments. Great writing

    Robert ruck

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