LeBron James is despicable: The cop that shot Ma’Khia Bryant saved a black life.

I’m sitting on my couch drinking an Irish Coffee out of my Patriot or Pretender mug because I’m furious and I’m trying to take the edge off.

Good Cops are never going to get a fair shake in this country.

Imagine this scene.. You are a cop on duty in Columbus, Ohio. You answer a call for a disturbance and you see all sorts of hell breaking loose.

To your right there is a man brutally assaulting a women and in front of you there are two girl fighting on a car. Thanks to your training and heightened senses, you immediately notice one of the girls, Ma’Khia Bryant, is trying to stab the other with a knife.

At this point one of three things could have happened.

A bad cop might have froze, letting  the Bryant stab the victim to death. An overzealous cop might have physically intervened, putting himself and his partner in harms way. A good cop would have done exactly what that Columbus, Ohio Police officer did.

He opened fire to him preserve life.

There are instances of bad cops doing bad things. Just minutes before the Ma’Khia Bryant incident, Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I thought justice was served .

What happened in Columbus was not an example of a bad cop doing a bad thing. It was an example of a great cop being a hero.

It seems impossible, but everyone sees it that way. LeBron James, notorious basketball choke artist and race baiter, tweeted a photo of the cop with the caption “you’re next.”

The implication was the Columbus officer would be joining Chauvin in jail.

My question to LeBron and all the other cop haters out there, what was this man supposed to do?

If he had stood by and let one black girl murder another, would this have made you happy? Of course not. If that had happened, these people would still be screaming for the man’s head.

If he had physically intervened and got hurt or died, would Lebron and the Lunatic Left call him a hero?

No. They would not have said anything at all because people like LeBron James will never say anything decent about cops.


The truth is, people like LeBron James don’t care about people at all. Want proof? In 2021,  the closest thing this world has slavery are the Nike sweat shops that mass produce LeBron’s $400 a pair sneakers.

Like the rest of the lunatics on the left, LeBron only cares about pushing a narrative.

In Columbus, Ohio a white  Police Officer heroically saved a black girls life, but the liberal media’s headline is going to read “White Police Officer Callously took a Black Girls Life.”

They will spin it. They always do.

Whether you believe Chauvin was guilty or not, his conviction means it is open season on Police Officers.

We need to stand up for the officer in Columbus. Do not let them make him a villain.

Are you a Patriot or Pretender? We need to back the blue.

Without you, America dies.

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