Patriot or Pretender: Could you do more to stand up for you country?

Are you a Patriot or Pretender?

I know how all of us would like to answer the question, but a lot of people are not the patriots they see themselves as.

As conservatives we like to mind our business and pursue our own happiness. We want other people to do the same for themselves.

Modesty is the most noble of traits,  but it comes with an aversion to confrontation.

Generally speaking, we like to have our political discussions among other conservatives. We agree a lot. We have civil conversations. We are comfortable.

After discussing American ideals and virtues with like minded people, you leave the conversation feeling great because you have just had all your thoughts affirmed.

As good as this may feel, what have you done to change the political discourse? We need change, not more of the same.

If this sounds like you, you are probably suffering from the “Pretender Syndrome.”

You can tell someone is stricken by the Pretender Syndrome because they talk about being a patriot amongst conservatives, but when dissenting opinions are presented they avoid confrontation.

Liberals are obnoxious, close minded and illogical. They are the last people any of us want to debate, but it is our duty to do so.

How can you be a patriot if you’re unwilling to defend America from the people attacking her?

I suffered from Pretender Syndrome myself.  I turned my social media into an echo chamber. I unfollowed or blocked people with liberal views because I couldn’t find the energy to debate them.

I was not much better in my real life. I constantly bit my tongue around liberal co-workers. I would not wear my patriotic tee shirt to picnics or BBQs if I knew my liberal family members would be there.

I loved my country and I always had, but I woke up one morning and realized loving my country wasn’t enough. I had to stand up for her.

That’s what Patriot or Pretender is all about. It’s about finding the courage to love America loudly and proudly, whether it’s well received or not.

Patriot or Pretender is about preserving capitalism, the second amendment, religious freedom and all of the virtues that make America great.

Patriot or Pretender is about wearing Patriotic Gear and making it perfectly clear where we stand.

Liberals love to shove their views down our throats. It’s time to shove our patriotism down theirs.

Our country needs us more than ever.

Without you, America dies.

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