Lion’s of the Concrete Jungle: Correctional Officers are Unsung Heroes

Dark, dank, and dingy, some of the most antiquated and run down buildings in this country are correctional facilities.

We like it that way.

Criminals take so much from their victims. They take their innocence, their ambition and their sense of security. It just seems fitting that the light gets taken from them.

We can’t forget, however, that every time a cell slams there are two uniforms locked inside that jail. The uniform of the inmate and the uniform of the officer.

Corrections Officers are unheralded real life heroes.

On any given day, a Police Officer May encounter an arsonist, rapist or murder. A Corrections Officer walks into work knowing that is his clientele.

Despite portrayals in movies and media, Corrections Officers almost never carry a gun or billy club. Usually not even pepper spray.

Every weapon in a Correctional Facility is a weapon that could fall into the hands of a nefarious criminal, so Officers are left with two things to rely on.

Their partners and their courage.

Such a brave group of men and women, and what do they get? Perpetually demonized and desecrated.

Regardless of genre, think of any jail cop you have seen in any movie. From The Longest Yard to The Shawshank Redemption. What does every depiction of a Correctional Officer have in common?

He is cruel and he is stupid.

This is quite the thanks liberals in Hollywood are extending to these brave men and women.

Did you know the suicide and mortality rates of Correctional Officers are among the highest of any profession in the country?

Did you know the life expectancy of a retired Officer is 62 years old?

It’s easy for us to forget about these heroes and even easier for Hollywood to demonize them because we don’t see them.

We don’t know goes on behind the walls, but we can all imagine it’s not easy.

I’m writing this, wearing my Patriot or Pretender T-Shirt, and I’m wondering how many Patriots are working in prisons around the country?

I bet they are full of them.

DC Swamp Life supports the men and women working in prisons and we appreciate them.

Help us on our mission to recruit seven million new conservative voters before the 2024 Election.

Without you, America dies.


  • Wow! I have always known that these men and women are the true HEROS!!!!
    They keep us safe at the expense of their own lives! They have my respect and and admiration!!!! Thank you for all that you do!!!!!!!

    Ty Place
  • Amen brothers! We aren’t stupit, the libtards want everyone free but we gotta keep them locked up so they don’t take our jobs!

    Todd Bakoledis

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