Liberalism is a disease, but we know this already

Students learning in a classroom dream big

So, the American Dream died. The funny thing about dreams is that once you stop having them, once you cease wanting and working for more, you slowly stop working at all.

You take things for granite and methodically give back the things you thought could never be gone.

That’s America today. The rights guaranteed to us in the first two amendments of the constitution are slipping away because too many of us thought they could never be taken.

Look at freedom of speech. It is a fucking joke. It started out as a societal thing years ago. Suddenly you could not say anything without offending some snowflake.

If you called a black car jacker a criminal, you were a racist. God forbid you tell a woman at work she looks nice, because that would have sitting in front of HR begging to keep your job.

It started with our interactions in society, trickled into the workplace and now this political correctness bullshit is everywhere. Big Tech has taken it to a whole other level.

Search engines filtering out content favorable to conservatives. Social media conglomerates deciding what adds they will and will not run-in election years.

Twitter shut down the account of Donald Trump. The President of the United States. That is when I knew they were drunk with power. That is when I knew there was no coming back.

Once they take our voice, I promise you they are coming for our guns.

Every time a gun is within 10 miles of a crime, there is some liberal politician grandstanding and screaming. Just wait until that voice is the only one allowed to be heard.

It started in 1993 when they banned the AR-15. Its continued today with ammunition restrictions.

Every time there is a tragedy, and the sane, compassionate people mourn for the victims, there are monsters applauding because now they can take a little more from us.

Liberalism is a disease.

This blog will be ongoing. We are at a time in our country where I cannot stop talking and I cannot stop moving forward.

I do not care if you lead or follow, please come with me.

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