Liberal Hypocrisy at its Most Disgusting

Woke up this morning and actually tossed a turbo shot in my Donald Trump Coffee Mug. It was just that kind of morning.

Maybe it was a caffeine high, but I started thinking about something that drives me absolutely nuts with liberals, the media and their agenda.


I was a liberal voter for years, but when I finally woke up and opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the hypocrisy..... after that I saw all the bull shit behind it.

The liberals say racism is bad! No shit racism is bad. The problem is liberals think only conservatives can be racist.

Let me understand this.

I wanted police intervention during riots that decimated businesses predominately owned by minorities and this makes me racist?

On the other hand, the liberal media crucified black women like Candice Owens because she has the nerve to be conservative?

The liberal media, run by white men, has decided  what is ok for Black Women to think and say? I can’t tell you how many white liberals have told me Candice Owens “isn’t really black”

This is not racist?

It does not stop there either. Governor Cuomo insisted Brett Kavanaugh take a lie detector after an allegation of sexual misconduct, but refuses to resign his governorship when a litany of allegations arise, suggesting he might be a serial groper.

It’s not a universally popular opinion, but I was glad when Christine Blasey Ford told her story. Women need to be heard. But we know the democrats won’t be held to the standard they set.

For some reason, the liberals think they can decide what is and what is not moral in this country.

According to them, Christian beliefs and traditions are offensive, people who legally own guns are bad guys, and doing well for yourself if something you have to apologize for.

The liberals make all the rules, until they decide to break them.

Thankfully, there are more people opening their eyes to this everyday. That means there are more conservative votes out there.

I need you to help me find them.

Without you, America Dies!

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  • Q says the military is the only way to restore honest, legal government. May be, but we really need God to bare his holy arm for all to see. In their writings, the founding fathers proclaimed that without the strong foundation of Christian moral values, the republic cannot stand. Jesus taught us about foundations (Matthew 7:24-27). The foundation that they laid is solid, but what has been built on top of it is not and must be torn down.

    John E

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