I support 9/11 heroes.... This makes me a villain?

Most of the time when I leave the house, I’m wearing my Patriot or Pretender hoodie, but the other day I went with something else....

Right after 9/11, my grandfather was overcome with pride. He was proud of the way Americans united following the tragedy. He was beyond proud of the courage men and women showed that day.

Thousands of members of the New York City Fire Department ran into the twin towers as they were collapsing. They did it with no regard for their own well being. They did it to try and save other Americans.

My grandfather said in his entire life, he never saw something so admirable.

To show his appreciation, he bought a New York City Fire Department Hoodie. He wore it all the time. When he passed in 2015, it was the only memento of his that I wanted.

A couple times a year, to honor my grandfather and the incredibly brave men and women that served on that day, I wear that New York City Fire Department sweatshirt.

You wouldn’t believe what happened last time I wore it.

I was in the Walmart the next town over and I was, absent-mindedly, looking at some of the dog toys on a shelf. I bumped into a young guy, probably about 20, and before I could apologize he lost his mind.

“It’s always you guys doing whatever you want!”

“Excuse me”, I asked.

“All you cop lovers, think you rule the fucking world.”

I walked away before the situation really went sideways, but when I started to replay it, I did not know where to start.

First off, it’s not a cop shirt. Secondly, how did this young kid conjure anger so quickly? I’m guessing he saw the hoodie on me before the encounter and was already “triggered.”

My biggest question though, is how did we get here?

When I was young, half the kids i knew wanted to be a firefighter. Is there a profession more noble? Is there a better way for a man to show his worth than to lay it on the line for somebody else?

The generation that followed me doesn’t see it that way. Police, Military, and firefighters, professionals that used to be revered, have become public enemy number 1.

They think I am an asshole for supporting them.

The incident that day was infuriating, but it won’t keep me from wearing that sweatshirt.

On September 11, 2001 the men and women of the New York City Fire Department were Patriots.

It pales in comparison to their sacrifice, but it’s my Patriotic duty to support the good guys, preach their virtue and to represent them the way they represent us.

Help me represent everything that is right.

Without you, the good guys lose.

Without you, America dies.

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