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Slow Joe Biden President of the United States

January 20, 2021 was a big day for the Swamp Life. Slow Joe Biden was inaugurated. It was an effort 32 years in the making. Biden ran for president in 1988 only to be undone by a plagiarism scandal.

He ran again in 2008 and derailed his campaign with racist remarks about Barack Obama... Who eventually picked him as his running mate?

So what happened in 2020 that this washed up, below average politician, got elected President of the United States?

Well, it was vote dumps in Wisconsin, briefcases in Georgia, and votes that just kept coming in Pennsylvania.

What happened was disgusting. Not just that the left decided to cheat, but that they did it so audaciously.

They did it when we were all looking. They did not care because for so long, we have gone along with their bull shit. We were complicit.

But they know things are different now. On the day Slow Joe Biden was sworn in as president, there was no joy in the swamp. There should have been, but there was not.

You could not get near Biden and not just because no one wants to waste their time with a dementia riddled 78-year-old. The National Guard had the area locked down. This felt like the implementation of a dictator, not the swearing in of a president.

It was like this because they got the message at the Capital. It is a shame people died. I mean that wholeheartedly, but how do they expect people to react when they are kicked repeatedly?

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