FDR: Democrat, Turbo Racist and Social Swamp Monster

I put on my baseball hat from the Big Donnie 45 Collection, this morning. It must be my thinking cap, because this just occurred to me.

December 7, 1941 was one of the darkest days in American History. The imperial Japanese Navy Air Service launched a surprise attack on the United States by striking a Navy Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. At the time of the attack, The United States was neutral in the Second World War.

Democratic President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressed the world and proclaimed the day would be "one that lived in infamy."

He was right for more than one reason.

Not only was this the first time Americans had been attacked on their own soil, but it started one of the ugliest periods of American history.

The internment of Japanese-Americans.

Following the attack, FDR and his cohorts installed and oversaw the most overtly racist practice since the democrats fought to promote and prolong the institution of Slavery 80 years before.

Roosevelt and the Democrats forced everyone living in America who was of Japanese descent into internment camps.

In total, about 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry were put into internment camps.

Not even citizens were exempt. 80,000 United States Citizens were taken from their businesses, taken from their neighbors and taken from their families.

They were taken away because of the way they looked. They were taken away because of  where their ancestors came from. They were taken away by Democrats.

FDR is revered by the left. The truth is he is an American swamp monster like no other.

He took advantage of downtrodden people during the Great Depression and used their vulnerability as an excuse to enact one social policy after another.

Franklin  Roosevelt took America to the brink of full blown Socialism.

Next time you hear someone singing the virtues of FDR, ask them if they know how close he was to creating a Red America.

Better yet, tell them to ask a Japanese American how virtuous that man and his party were.

DC Swamp Life needs your help help recruiting 7 Million new conservative voters before the 2024 Presidential election. The same number the 2020 election  was stolen by.

Without you, America dies!


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