Democratic Racism: It started with the Indians

This morning I woke up, put on my favorite hoodie, drank coffee out of my Patriot or Pretender mug, and started with thinking......

The history of racism in the Democratic Party is a long and storied one. Decades before Democrats would wage Civil War in an attempt to preserve the institution of African slavery, they would wage a race war on a completely different group of people.

Andrew Jackson was the father of the Democratic Party. Despite possessing some admirable qualities that today’s Democrats lack, namely courage and conviction, Jackson shared the modern Democrats penchant for discriminating and judging people based on the color of their skin.

Jackson was a terrible racist I and hated American Indians.

Less than 2 years into his presidency, Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act, that lead to the displacement of more than 60,000 American Indians.

Enabled almost entirely by Democratic administrations, the act ripped Native Americans out of their ancestral homes, placed them in concentration camps and forced them to March across the continent.

These cross continental marches would be known as the Trail of Tears.

The Indians that did not die during these marches, and more than 10,000 did, found themselves living on baron land, unable to yield a harvest.

Thousands more Indians would die in the subsequent years, due to starvation and malnutrition.

The trail of tears transpired because democrats could not see past a persons race. Like democrats of today who don’t care if an individual is good or bad and can only see them for their color, Jacksonian Democrats could only see Native American for their’s.

Democrats judged 60,000 people based off nothing more than the color of their skin. A lot of things have changed since 1830, but that thing remains the same.

200 years later and democrats, the media and historians are trying to rewrite the history of America. They tell us everyday that Republicans are the racist ones, even though there is two centuries of history telling us otherwise.

Are you going to let them perpetuate this lie or will you demand the truth?

Are you a Patriot or Pretender?

Without you, America dies.


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