Biden handing out free money: What’s the cost?

I’m drinking a cup of coffee out of my Donald Trump Coffee mug, thinking......

2020 might have set America on a course that it will never recover from.

President Trump spent the first three years of his presidency nursing a stagnant economy back to health, only to have the entire thing upended by the pandemic.

Faster than anyone else, Trump recognized what was going on with Covid-19. Mask mandates were absurd, lockdowns crippled the economy and Dr. Fauci, a man who barley qualified as a quack, put his own celebrity ahead of his country, as he peddled whatever bull shit would get him network airtime.

Trump saw what was going on, but he was powerless to stop it. No matter how many times he explained the Coronavirus was being overblown, his message was drowned out.

Using the most extreme fear mongering tactics this country has ever seen, the liberal media managed to convince the public it was unsafe to leave their house.

The results were catastrophic. Laws imposed by state governments put millions of people out of work. The economy began to fall apart and with people struggling, Donald Trump had no choice but to sign a stimulus package that would prop Americans up.

Faced with the greatest domestic crisis since the Civil War, Donald Trump did was he had to do for Americans. Unfortunately, it opened the door for Democrats to do what they have always wanted to do....

Make the United States of America a welfare state.

Under Joe Biden’s first stimulus, families of 5 were sent as much as $7,000. Those families will also receive $900 dollars a month, every month, July-December of this year.

This was an expensive pill for our country to swallow. Still, if it was a one time measure to get Americans going, I could have gotten on board, but handouts are never a one time thing with Democrats.

In Biden’s meandering joint address to congress, he laid out his plan to make these monthly payments indefinite.

Money for going to your mailbox! The beginning of every social state.

It is great to give help when it’s needed, but when it’s no longer needed, can we please go back to our jobs and work for our money?

America was built on the backs of hard working people. The reason we have never stopped taking strides forward is because we have always bared the fruit of our own labor.  

No matter what the social Democrats tell you, without labor that tree will stop yielding fruit.

In 1776 a group of brave men started a great experiment. They created a country where men and women could forge their own path. Don’t let democrats end that experiment in 2021.

Are you a Patriot or Pretender?

Without you, America dies.


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